Delicate Leagoo Elite 3 lead to 4G Network!

Delicate Leagoo Elite 3 lead to 4G Network!

As the featured product after the New Year, Elite 3 is absolutely the product with sincerity. Hardware is

upgraded as you can image: Quad-Core Processor, with 28nm ARM Cortex A7 structure, 1.3GHz

principal frequency for single core, as well as 4G network for your hardware, fast transmission of date,

audio, video, photos, etc. The speed is far also beyond your imagination: 100Mbps for download as well

as in your game time.



The perfect image quality is everything! With Hugh 5.5 inches IPS HD display, the resolution is up to

1280*720, and with the resorted images and strong visual impact, you will be definitely offered with

immersive feel by each movement and expression!



Elite 3’s super clear images that are originated from 13MP Stack Lens may help you to picture your

wonderful moment. The viewing pattern, color effects and sensitometer may comprehensively upgrade

the imagery and show each detail right on the best. With 8MP front camera, beautiful scenery and

picturesque texture can be presented in a clear and complete manner, meeting the camera shooting

standards of professionals and restoring the nature's most mysterious color.



Never be afraid of bustle! Could not hearing the call when singing in KTV? The double silicon

microphone can save you out! The phone is equipped with 2 built-in microphones, one for stabilizing

clear calls and the other one for active physical noise reduction, making you call in the crowd is just

like chat face to face. The integration of cinema type realistic surrounding sound and stable volume as

well as clear voice will furnish you with ultimate listening pleasures to absolutely rock your world!



No worries in privacy compromise! Brand-new Visitor Mmode will be with you all the time. To

concern that you may concern, once such well-designed visitor mode is on, nobody can check your

calling records, SMS, images or even change the desktop. All the things are designed to create you

safe environment for using in each single minute!



More heart-warming functions and optimal choices for you: delicate holster weather windows for

you to get weather information at any time; touching it with three fingers to get screenshots; touching

it with two fingers to get wallpaper switched; thus your operation experience could be optimized and

your life will be blended with intelligence to the maximum degree!


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