2.1 Multimedia Speaker System subwoofer Super Bass


$79.00 $149.00


The amplifiers of the F&D A 520 2.1 multimedia speaker system when played in unison produce stunning sound effects. Very effectively maintains the tonal balance of the vocals and the beats of different musical instruments.

The cabinets of the speakers made of superior quality wood. Which effectively prevent audio distortion when you play the system at peak volume. The system has an ingrained automatic voltage regulator (AVR) giving you a smooth and uninterrupted operation in extensive voltage range. Very energy efficient consumes low electrical energy.

Best Buy 2.1 Multimedia SpeakerSatellite:
Subwoofer: 6.5″ bass driver : 20 watts.
Independent power switch
Rotary controls for volume & bass
Green LED indicator
Volume and bass knob (Rotatory controls)
Output power (RMS): 50W
Cable length : 1.5 meters
Net weight:4.9kg

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