8 inch Leather Case Android Tab Micro USB Keyboard


$25.00 $40.00


This case with laptop-style keyboard is the perfect accessory for 8" tablets.

It's powered by the USB interface of your tablet, so you don't need to charge it, it's always plug and play!

This protective cover is multi-functional and lets you type just as you would with your laptop/netbook.

This case is equipped with laptop style keyboard, pockets to hold up to 2 styluses, Micro USB, and an extendable stand.

Durable construction with secure magnetic closure.

Keyboard with micro USB plug

Press "Fn+F10" turn on the screen (rightmost) lights

Product Dimensions:

245mm * 165mm * 30mm (9.65 * 6.50 * 1.18 inch)

The Keyboard is a little bit bigger than the tablet to ensure your comfortable typing.

Package Contents:

1 x 8" Keyboard / Case with Micro USB plug for Tablet

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